GGII BOOKS - Longing of China

GGII BOOKS – Longing of China

From Mao’s death in 1976 to PRC joining the WTO in 2001, many momentous events took place in China in the past forty-five years, and the country was brought back the country at the center of the world stage. In Professor Romeo Orlandi’s latest novel, titled “Longing of China” and published by “DeriveApprodi”, those events in the People’s Republic of China shape the future of a group of twenty-year-olds, and are intertwined with their studies, their relationships with loved ones and their careers.

Romeo Orlandi, economist and sinologist, is president of the think tank “Asian Observatory” and vice-president of the Italy-Asean Association. He has lived and worked in Los Angeles, Singapore, Shanghai and Beijing. University teacher, he is the author of several books for the publishers Arel, Il Mulino, IlSole24Ore.

In the catalog DeriveApprodi he published also The smile of the Khmer Rouge (2017).

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