GGII SEMINARS - Chinese Science Fiction Last Chapter

GGII SEMINARS – Chinese Science Fiction Last Chapter

2 July (2PM Italian time): “Chongqing: from the past into the future of the most cyberpunkish city of China”

Moderator Marco Bonaglia, interview to Han Song by Chiara Cigarini and Francesco Verso.

Marco Bonaglia, PhD Candidate of Chongqing University, will introduce a talk about the futuristic city of Chongqing, its most cyberpunkish sides and the Science Fiction projects taking place around its area with the help of SF writers like Han Song and Francesco Verso and translator Chiara Cigarini.

These are the links to attend the event:
1) 2 – 2:40 First Link:
Meeting ID: 729 9020 5265
Password: 8Wm3aP
2) 3 – 3:40 Second Link:
Meeting ID: 786 5492 3454
Password: 9gFVgV
3) 4 – 4:40 Third Link:
Meeting ID: 787 5108 2285
Password: 6cBGHw

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