Inaugural Ceremony of the Italian Technology Exhibition

Inaugural Ceremony of the Italian Technology Exhibition

How much do people know about Made in Italy technological products? Do people know that out of the 5.000 products in which the global market is divided in, Italy is in the top 3 manufacturing countries with respect to 20% of products? What do people usually know about Italian Technology?

On April 17th it will take place the inaugural ceremony of the Italian Technology Exhibition, organised by the Association of the Italian Scholars in China in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in China, the Italian Trade Agency, the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce, the Galileo Galilei Italian Institute and Chongqing University, with the aim to show to students, researchers and business leaders, the cutting edge technologies of 25 companies successfully operating in China in the field of mechanical engineering, mechatronics, manufacturing and industrial automation. The history, the production process and/or the products and the vision and future plan of each company are described in a poster with a strong visual impact.

The exhibition will continue until May 4th.

The plan Made in China 2025 launched by the government in 2015 pushes China to upgrade itself “from a manufacturer of quantity to one of quality”. These highly specialised and technologically advanced Italian companies represent the perfect match between Italian and Chinese strive for economic growth and manufacturing excellence.

Programme of the ceremony:

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