Infographics & Fun facts 5

Infographics & Fun facts 5

In this section, called “Infographics & Fun”, we would like to collect interesting infographics and fun facts about the Municipality of Chongqing and China. 

Data represent the core of our digital and innovative societies. Thanks to large amounts of data we can better understand the current development of contemporary societies and predict new trajectories of growth.

Enjoy this new section with us!

5.  Take a look at how the World has changed in the past twenty years in terms of trade. China has become the larger trading partner of more and more countries in all continents and now clearly dominates at a global scale. This graphic is impressive. Source: Lowy Institute

4. China population comparison map. According to Visual Capitalis, Chongqing’s populations is similar to that of Saudi Arabia
3. City population in millions, 2019 – Chongqing is ranked number 1 in the world according to Visual Capitalist
2. Chongqing is the most surveilled city in the World according to Comparitech/Statista
1. According Tomtom traffic index, Chongqing has the biggest traffic jam in China
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