The main objective of the Galileo Galilei Italian Institute is the strengthening of joint research projects on areas of expertise shared by Sant’Anna and CQU. These include Innovation Management, Health and Wellbeing Management, Augmented Reality and Bio-robotics, Photonics, Software Engineering and Telecommunication Engineering, Biotechnology, Economics, Legal and Institutional Systems. In order to improve the acceleration of research projects, GGII facilitates interaction opportunities between academics, researchers and scholars of Sant’Anna and Chongqing University.

Thanks to its well-established presence on the Chongqing University campus, the GGII is able to keep in active and constant contact with the most innovative departments and laboratories of the Chinese university. Therefore, GGII is always up-to-date on the latest research outcomes and research projects, the new priorities identified by the central government, as well as the projects where Sant’Anna can provide complementary expertise. To date, the GGII is running several successful projects in partnership with the School of International Education, the International Office, the School of Economics and Business Administration of CQU, and has launched many academic exchange dialogues between individual professors of the two universities.

Apart from monitoring the academic dimension, the GGII has a proactive stance with regards to the different opportunities that may arise from the development and investment agendas promoted by public institutions and private entities (new R&D centres, technology parks, technology investment projects).




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