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The Galileo Institute promotes breakthrough scientific studies on Chinese Innovation. This section lists the most relevant scientific activities and publications conducted and coordinated by our Director, Professor Alberto Di Minin, jointly with Italian, Chinese, and international scholars.


Special Issue “The New Silk Road of Innovation: R&D networks, knowledge diffusions, and open innovation”

J Chen, A Di Minin, T Minshall, Y Su, L Xue, Y Zhou,

R&D Management

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Knowledge sharing and technological innovation capabilities of Chinese software SMEs

J Yao, A Crupi, A Di Minin, X Zhang

Journal of Knowledge Management 2020, 24 (3), 607-634

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Pursuing justice or protecting local firms? Shenzhen courts move beyond judicial local protectionism

Y Zhang, A Crupi, A Di Minin

R&D Management 2020

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A comparison of international R&D strategies of Chinese companies in Europe and the USA

A Di Minin, X Quan, J Zhang

International Journal of Technology Management 2017, 74 (1-4), 185-213

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New product development in emerging economies: innovation in reverse from China

S Corsi, AD Minin, A Piccaluga
Chapter in The Handbook of Global Science, Technology, and Innovation, Book Editor(s): D Archibugi and A Filippetti, John Wiley & Sons 2015

Reverse innovation at Speres: A case study in China

S Corsi, A Di Minin, A Piccaluga

Research-Technology Management 2015, 57 (4), 28-34

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Disruptive innovation… in reverse: Adding a geographical dimension to disruptive innovation theory

S Corsi, A Di Minin

Creativity and Innovation Management 2013, 23 (1), 76-90

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Internazionalizzazione come fonte di innovazione: il caso Carel in Cina

S Corsi, A Di Minin, A Piccaluga

Economia e società regionale 2012, 116(2), 179-184

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Chinese Market as a Source of Global Innovation: Foreign MNCs’ R&D Activities in China

S Corsi, A Di Minin

Academy of Management Proceedings 2012 (1), 14198

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Chinese foreign direct investment in R&D in Europe: A new model of R&D internationalisation?

A Di Minin, J Zhang, P Gammeltoft

European Management Journal 2012, 30 (3), 189-203

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Di Minin, Alberto; Marchetti, Raffaele; Guodong, Yan; Hongbo, Luo; Xiaodong, Liu; Ding, Shi; Crupi, Antonio; Bonaglia, Marco; Menegazzi, Silvia; Franco, Stefano; Lin, Yang; Vallini, Letizia; Ximing, Cao; Wei, Cao; Yun, Zhang; Minsu, Cheng; Yue, Zhang
The role of cooperation between China and Italy in the civil aviation sector in the development of the cultural tourism of the two countries in the context of the “Belt and Road Initiative”. The case study of China Eastern Airlines (CEA)’s development in Italy
Issue nr. : 1

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Yang, L.; Menegazzi, S.; Franco, S.; Crupi, A.; Bonaglia, M.; Vallini, L.; Cao, X. M.
On China-Italy Cooperation in Civil Aviation and Tourism Sectors in the Context of the Belt and Road Initiative
202-219 Blue book of Italy – Annual Development Report of Italy (2020-2021) Social Sciences Academic Press (2021)
Volume nr. : 1
Issue nr. : 1