Galilei Circle of Friends - Interview with Elisa Wang

Galilei Circle of Friends – Interview with Elisa Wang

Born in 2000, he took his first steps in the world of fashion and commercials at the age of 16.  Born between two cultures, the Italian one and the Chinese one, she takes part in numerous international productions such as Pantene x Moschino (with Chiara Ferragni), BMW, Commercial Ferrero and is one of the faces of the Emirates Airlines campaign.  In 2020, she began her activity as a Digital Content Creator, creating content for brands such as Banana Beauty, Zoeva, Hellobody, Paul Valentine, Cluse and others. 

She was made up by Mr. Daniel for Clinique and was the face of the cover of the American magazine Hues in September 2020.

She graduated in Advertising Communication Design and today also works as a Digital Content Specialist.


Dear Elisa, tell us about your experience as an Italian of Chinese origins.  What part of China is your family from and how important is Chinese culture to you?

My name is Elisa Wang, my origins are half Italian and half Chinese. My father to be precise is from Beijing.  I have always been fascinated by Chinese culture, ever since I was a child. Credit certainly goes to my father who was able to make me participate in our origins by giving me the space to learn to appreciate the beauty of this culture. 

When did your Chinese origins impact your personal growth in Italy?

I was born in Italy so I have always felt like a bridge between these two wonderful cultures.  My Chinese origins certainly influenced my growth here in Italy.  They allowed me to grow up with an eye on two different but equally fascinating worlds.  I still remember how, as a child, trips to China were a moment of incredible discovery for me.  Not only of places but also of emotions and memories. 

Have you been to China in recent years?  Do you still have any family in the country?

The last time I was in China was December 2019. Just before Covid which inevitably changed travel options and everything we all know.  But I would like to go back soon.  Also because yes, I still have part of my family there (my uncles and cousins). 

In your opinion, how has the perception of China in Italy changed in recent years?

I experienced China with the stories of my father who moved here with the aim of finishing his studies and building a stable career.  Certainly since that time the perception of China in Italy has changed just as the country itself has changed.  Personally, I have always lived it as an Italian with Chinese origins so I have often had the opportunity to discuss with my peers what the perceptions of China were here in Italy, but I have always found fertile ground for integration.


Tell us about your experience as a model – What are the main results you have achieved over the years, the surprises, the challenges you have faced along your professional path, and also the main satisfactions?

I started modeling at about the age of 16.  I consider myself extremely lucky to have undertaken a career that has often reserved wonderful surprises for me. 

Starting from travel, I always remember with pleasure the work for Emirates which took me to Dubai, all the fittings in Paris and many others.  I won’t hide from you that it wasn’t a linear path.  I’ve had my ups and downs, bad periods, experiences with realities that made me doubt whether I wanted to continue.  But if I take stock today, fortunately, this job has brought me much more satisfaction than anything else.  Especially in terms of human knowledge, it has allowed me to meet many people in different places in the world who, in their own small way, have certainly enriched me. 

What are your dreams and future goals you set for yourself?

Future dreams and goals have always been an unknown for me.  I have learned to enjoy the present with its newness by trying to build, step by step, something truly meaningful for me.  So I don’t know the answer to this question.  I can tell you that I would like to work much more in the commercial sector which, currently, is what I feel closest to. 

In your opinion, is it important to be a “Sino-Italian” model and how much has this characteristic influenced your work?

My origins have certainly allowed me to access a slice of the world market that does not limit my presence in Italy.  So yes, it has certainly helped me in my work. 

Over the years, have you also had the opportunity to work with Chinese brands? 

 Yes, just recently I worked with a Chinese tech company but unfortunately the work is still under embargo so I can’t reveal any more details.

Also tell us about your career as a “Digital Content specialist” – what is it?  Is it linked to modeling activity?

Parallel to my work as a model I undertook a course of study in the field of Design.  I graduated in Advertising Communication Design which allowed me to learn the world of communication, graphics and social media, making it an integral part of my career path.  I thus expanded my work as a Digital Content Specialist & Content Creator because I felt it was in line with a path I wanted to pursue.

I certainly feel it as a very different job from that of the model but, in the same way, connected since the images play a fundamental role.  In visual communication, they have the power to tell stories and convey messages in ways that words alone often cannot.

Interview by Marco Bonaglia

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