"24 Hour Project"

“24 Hour Project”

Dear readers, in this issue, our Chongqing Stories will change shape. This time, we decided to promote the 24 Hour Project, a photographic project of one of our readers, Joawe Yang, a mass media major student at Chongqing University. She decided to take part and share her experience with us.

The 24 Hour Project started in 2012, and every year gathers emerging photographers, aspiring photojournalist and visual story-tellers from several cities around the globe. They follow a specific topic and share their photos documenting humanity in real time during 24 hours. The topic of this year is urban life.

This year, Joawe Yang became the Chongqing city ambassador, which officially allowed her to launch a personal project in our beautiful city. She formed a group, hit the streets, and started documenting and grasping glimpses of the beauty in people, thinking about the stories behind the people that they encounter within a day. So then, every hour – every person – of this project will count.

Take a look at the 24 photos:

Time: 00:00
Name: “The Passionate City Walkers” By @joaweyang
Description: Joawe Yang and her team of photographers took part at the 24 Hours Project

Time: 00:45
Name: “Community Doctor” By @jessondu
Description: The community doctor in Yixin village and his last patient of the day.

Time: 02:41
Name: “McDonald’s Adventure” By @misterpierito
Description: During a short break in McDonald’s, we came across some hearty supporter of 24 Hour Project, which has been the highlight of this journey.

Time: 05:25
Name: “GRLPWR – Who run the world?” By @joaweyang
Description: Girl on night shift at a cyber café.

Time: 08:03
Name: “The Pumpkin Lady” By @joaweyang
Description: Marketing strategy: Expose the core values.

Time: 09:03
Name: “The Principle” By @joaweyang
Description: A staff in subway station is guiding the crowd in the station.

Time: 10:20
Name: “A Kid’s Extra Hours” By @heyn1cole
Description: When learning English has become one of the top priorities for Chinese teenagers.

Time: 10:57
Name: “There’s No Free Ride” By @joaweyang
Description: Sharing economy – there’s no free ride.

Time: 11:22
Name: “I Don’t Need an Umbrella” By @joaweyang
Description: One day at mid-April, temperature downs to 12℃ with light rain.

Time: 11:33
Name: “Stirring Sugar, Childhood Memory” By @joaweyang
Description: 85-year-old granny takes 3 buses every day to peddle her homemade stirring sugar at Masangxi ancient town with 3 yuan for each. Sometimes all sold out in a few hours, sometimes they turn into waste.

Time: 12:27
Name: “Khmer New Year in China” by @heyn1cole
Description: Exchange students from Cambodia celebrating Khmer New Year in Chongqing.

Time: 14:34
Name: “The Filter Matters” By @joaweyang
Description: “The filter matters!”

Time: 14:36
Name: “Walking, Measuring” By @joaweyang
Description: “Not all those who wander are lost.”

Time: 16:49
Name: “Entering The New Era” By @joaweyang
Description: Security checkpoint in subway station Line 1.

Time: 17:19
Name: “Bet on the Next Step” By @jessondu
Description: Bet on the unknown step.

Time: 17:26
Name: “The Follow” By @joaweyang
Description: Mother and son in front of the Jiangbei Grand Theater.

Time: 17:30
Name: “The Unfollow” By @jessondu
Description: Father and son in front of the Jiangbei Grand Theater.

Time: 17:50
Name: “Story Time” By @joaweyang
Description: Mother and daughter at a bookstore in Shapingba district.

Time: 18:03
Name: “The River Watcher” By @joaweyang
Description: Man cleaning up the plastic waste alongside the river.

Time: 18:16
Name: “The Dry Season” By @joaweyang
Description: Jialing river in dry season.

Time: 18:22
Name: “The Angle Matters” By @joaweyang
Description: The man with camera is seeking the best angle for his work.

Time: 18:50
Name: “Ship it” By @jessondu
Description: A discarded boat by Jialing River. Other usable ones are well decorated as dining places for customers.

Time: 19:20
Name: “The Worship” By @欧阳写之
Description: Legendary faces on the curtain wall of the skyscraper.

Time: 21:40
Name: “Black Beer ft. Black Coffee” By @joaweyang
Description: Beer and coffee are different in both taste and density. The bartender said: “From bitter to sweet or from sweet to bitter? Use a straw to find out.”

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