GGII ACTIVITIES - Seminar in Ca'Foscari University

GGII ACTIVITIES – Seminar in Ca’Foscari University

At the beginning of September we were invited to attend the Seminar titled “Quali prospettive per le aziende italiane in Cina oggi?” at University Ca’Foscari in Venice. It was a great opportunity to meet again with President Paolo Bazzoni, Professor Cavalieri RenzoValentina Rigoni and Simone Padoan, points of reference for our Institute both in China and Italy.

Starting from the results of the recent report published by the Chamber of Commerce on the prospects and sentiment of Italian companies in China at this time of high complexity and market uncertainty, the event was an opportunity for discussion and dialogue on scenarios and trends and on supporting initiatives of the Italian business in the Chinese market which the CCIC, in concert with the Italian System, is implementing with great emphasis through commercial advocacy towards its Chinese counterparts.

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