Italian language teaching

With the support of the University for Foreigners of Siena, the GGII contributes to the teaching of Italian language at Chongqing University. The courses offered include a module for beginners pursuing a linguistic proficiency to an intermediate level. The classes are structured according to several modules: grammar, writing, speaking, listening and reading.

Italian language FAQ:

1. When are the classes?
There are 2 kinds of course:
– Summer Classes in July and August (just for Turandot and Marco Polo Programmes’ students)
– 1st and 2nd Semester classes

2. Who can attend the classes?
– CQU’s students
– High School graduate students who will stay in Chongqing University for one semester and then they will study in Italian Universities (from December to August) before starting their Bachelor Degree courses under the Turandot and Marco Polo Programmes.

3. How much have they to pay and where?
CQU Students don’t need to pay the tuition but they will pay the textbooks.
Turandot and Marco Polo Programmes’ students will pay Chongqing DEBO Culture Communication at Chongqing University, Campus A, Main Teaching Building room 523. More information

4. When is the deadline to sign up?
For the Summer course the application deadline is at the end of June.
For the 1st semester course, the application deadline is at the end of August. The course has usually 20 students.

5. Can anyone join the course after it has started?
No, nobody can join due to the limit of the classroom size.

6. Which level the course offers?
There is only one level for beginners who wants to achieve a level of intermediate proficiency (CILS A2).

7. This course give academic credits?
No, it doesn’t give credits.

8. How is the teaching methods?
The lessons are articulate in: grammar, writing, speaking, listening and reading. Speaking and listening class will be run by two Italian teachers.

9. Is there any exam at the end of the course?
Yes, the students have to do the course’s final text.