MISSION TO CQ - Our Director Professor Di Minin went back to Chongqing!

MISSION TO CQ – Our Director Professor Di Minin went back to Chongqing!

Our Director, Professor Alberto Di Minin, from April 26th  to 27th visited Chongqing for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. It was an historical mission with the goal to relaunch the cooperation between Sant’Anna School and Chongqing University and the School of Economics and Business Administration. 

Professor Di Minin landed in Chongqing on the 26th, and spent two full days in Chongqing, packed with many activities and meetings. The last time he was in the Municipality was in December 2019. Since then, the world has drastically changed but the commitment of Sant’Anna and CQU, practically developed through our Institute on the ground, has never decreased.  

Following is a brief description of our Director’s main meetings and important event of those two days.

FIRST DAY: SEBA, Galilei Offices and Liangjiang New Area for relaunching the cooperation 

Picture taken after the meeting with SEBA leadership. From left to right: Yang Giada (GGII), Mo Surong (GGII), Professor Tian Ni (SEBA)Professor Di Minin, Professor Yu Peiwen (SEBA), Professor Chen Aihua (SEBA), Zhang Yangxin (GGII)

In the morning of April 26th, he was warmly welcomed back by SEBA leadership in Campus B of Chongqing University. He met with Vice Dean, Professor Yu, Associate Professor Professor Tian Ni and Professor Chen Aihua to discuss the renewal of the cooperation commitment between Pisa and Chongqing and to discuss joint academic cooperation programmes. 

He was then invited to enjoy a typical Chongqing lunch with colleagues and our team, before going back to SEBA in the early afternoon to give an informal speech to SEBA PhD candidates about open innovation, dynamic capabilities, and research opportunities between Italy and China, with a focus on the journal R&D Management research opportunities, of which he is Co-Editor in Chief. 

Professor Di Minin giving the informal speech on innovation management to SEBA PhD Candidates

After the dialogue Professor Di Minin headed to Liangjiang New Area in Jiangbei District together with the Galilei staff members to meet with the leader of the DBA Alumni Association, Mister Deng Hua, and many other former students of the joint programme and now friends. He enjoy a dinner full of joy and shared memories. During the meeting our Director had the chance to bring the greetings and the thanks from Pisa for the donation of the disposable masks made by the DBA alumni association during the pandemic in Italy. 

Professor Di Minin with the representatives of the DBA Alumni Association (next to Professor Di Minin, at the center of the picture, is Mister Deng Hua)

SECOND DAY: Consulate of Italy and Chongqing University for institutional meetings

On the second day Professor Di Minin was hosted by Consul General of Italy in Chongqing, Guido Bilancini, at the offices of the Consulate. It was the first time for the two to meet in person since Consul General Bilancini took office at the beginning of 2020. 

Professor Di Minin and Consul General Guido Bilancini at the Consulate General of Italy

In the afternoon it was the occasion to greet Martina and Ferdinando to the offices of the Galilei Institute, the first two Italian students to do so after the pandemic and since the end of 2019. Martina Scungio, student of Turin University, thanks to a scholarship is attending the course of “Teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages” at Chongqing University, while Ferdinando Ustica is enrolled in the Master in Business Administration at SEBA, Chongqing University.

Professor Di Minin with the two Italian students welcomed at the Galilei Offices

In the afternoon our Director attended a very important meeting with the leadership of CQU. The meeting, which saw the participation of the Director of the International office of CQU, Professor Yang Bo, was very useful to keep building a positive and fruitful relationship between Sant’Anna and CQU and to discuss the renewal of the partnership. Professor Huang Yunlin was also connected from Pisa, while at the event Mister Gao Rex and Professor Li Jing were also present. 

From left to right – Mister Gao Rex (International Office CQU), Director Yang Bo (International Office), Professor Di Minin, Zhang Yangxin (GGII), Professor Li Jing (International Office CQU), Yang Giada (GGII)

In the last picture you can see Professor Di Minin with Professor Li Jing, former Co-Director of the Confucius Institute in Pisa and a dear friend of Sant’Anna School. The two have known each other for many years and they have been linked by a strong will of creating new opportunities over the years between Pisa and Chongqing. 

Professor Di Minin with Professor Li Jing

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