PhD recruitment corner and Sant’Anna Desk

The GGII promotes the enrolment of the best students of CQU into the academic programmes of Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies through a dedicated annual gathering (the PhD Recruitment Corner), and with specific consideration to the Master and International Doctoral Programmes (PhD). Furthermore, the Institute acts as the front desk for Sant’Anna’s training courses and research opportunities. Annual calls for programmes and scholarships are available for consultation at the GGII office, which provides assistance regarding application procedures, requirements and orientation for the different courses of study and research in Tuscany.

alba duomo di Pisa

2015 Edition:

1. Time: March 30, 2015, 4 pm; Location: Chongqing University, Campus B 101.

2. A total of six PhD positions are open in the Institutes of Life Sciences (2), Management (1), and Politics and Law (3).

3. Sant’Anna School for Advanced Studies provides full scholarships for all doctoral students, including a monthly grant and financial coverage for research periods abroad and conferences.

4. Teaching and working language is English. Sant’Anna PhD courses are all taught in English, and the final dissertation must be handed in English as well.

5. The PhD programs will start in October 1, 2015.