Embracing Traditions: Chinese New Year Celebration in Italian High Schools

Embracing Traditions: Chinese New Year Celebration in Italian High Schools


The Confucius Institute is poised to infuse Italian high schools with the vibrancy of the Chinese New Year, spotlighting the Pesenti School as a key player in the Confucius Classroom initiative. This joint venture seeks to cultivate cultural exchange, understanding, and appreciation among students, fostering a dynamic and inclusive environment for the exploration and embrace of Chinese traditions and customs.

Purpose and Focus 

In collaboration with the Confucius Institute, this initiative places a special emphasis on the Pesenti School’s crucial role within the Confucius Classroom. The primary goal is to provide an engaging platform for cultural exchange, transcending geographical boundaries and promoting a sense of unity among diverse communities. Notably, the instrumental efforts of Chinese language teacher Chiara Buchetti have been indispensable in organizing the Chinese New Year festivities. Furthermore, the collaboration with the Centro Studi Discipline Orientali di Vinci added depth and richness to the initiative.

Event Highlights

Scheduled for February 16th, 2024, this day promises an exciting lineup of activities designed to offer students a hands-on experience of Chinese culture. Traditional Chinese performances, including Taiji Duanjin and student choir singing, will grace the event, creating an immersive cultural experience for attendees.

Moreover, an exhibition showcasing exquisite Chinese costumes will add a visual element to the celebration. To encourage active participation, the program will feature group activities such as calligraphy, paper cutting, dumpling making, and Chinese knotting. These interactive sessions aim to deepen students’ understanding of Chinese customs while fostering a sense of camaraderie among participants.

The celebration reached its crescendo with the mesmerizing Dragon and Lion Dance, bringing a spectacular and symbolic conclusion to the festivities.


The project unfolded in two prominent Italian high schools, with a central focus on the Scuola Superiore “Antonio Pesenti.” Situated in Cascina, this school not only served as a hub for Confucius Classroom activities but also ensured accessibility for widespread student participation. The strategic choice of location aimed to maximize the impact of the cultural initiative, reaching a diverse audience and enriching the overall experience for all involved.


The Chinese New Year celebration in Italian high schools, represents a unique opportunity for students to explore, appreciate, and celebrate the richness of Chinese culture. By fostering cultural exchange, understanding, and hands-on experiences, this initiative contributes to building bridges between communities and cultivating a global perspective among the younger generation. The crucial roles played by Chinese language teacher Chiara Buchetti and the Centro Studi Discipline Orientali from Vinci underscore the collaborative spirit of the Confucius Classroom, creating lasting connections and fostering a sense of unity through cultural celebration. The grand finale of the Dragon and Lion Dance added a captivating and symbolic touch, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all participants.

Written by Ida Fiore

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