GGII BOOKS - Chinese for pessimists

GGII BOOKS – Chinese for pessimists

“CPP – Chinese For Pessimists – Definitive Chinese grammar manual for students under stress” (published by Orientalia Editrice) is equipped with specific exercises and offers a clear and simple method that suggests solutions and answers to the most complex questions related to the study of Chinese.

This book is a compendium of wise advice from those who have already lived through a similar experience and know how to prevent or overcome the difficulties encountered during the study of this fascinating language. This books is for undergraduate and master’s students, and for learners up to HSK 5, with sections focusing on the job’s  world and professional careers advice.

Claudia B. Unali, graduated in Oriental Languages and Civilizations, is an interpreter and translator in the medical-pharmaceutical and scientific-technological sectors. She teaches Chinese both in specialized courses for companies and to university students “under stress”. She created and currently manages the motivational blog “”

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