GGII BOOKS - East and West. Mass and individual

GGII BOOKS – East and West. Mass and individual

Federico Rampini is a global nomad, living between Asia and America, probes the cultural roots of the East-West binomial. In his last book  accompanies us on a journey through history which is essential to understand the contemporary world filled with contradictions and challenges. And also to interpret the different responses to the coronavirus emergency.

“East v.s West. Mass and individual”is the title of the latest essay by Federico Rampini published by Einaudi. It has been since the time of Alexander the Great that the encounter-clash between East and West has inspired our vision of the world. “We” are focused on the values ​​and rights of the individual, “they” inhabit a community universe.  Then there is “their” spiritualism against “our” materialism: a myth that becomes more and more complicated in modernity. We have gone through the stages of emulation, sometimes of homologation, of rejection, of running up and overtaking, of rediscovering the roots. It is likely that we will never find an equilibrium point. Now that the pandemic has brought both of us down, it remains to be found who will rise first, which model will win. “East, West: which one makes you dream? Which one inspires you to worry? ” is the question to which Rampini urges the reader.

This book is definitely useful to understand better our world, and to get closer to the “other world”, represented by Asia, of which China plays a very important and ascending role. Our Institute tries everyday to build a bridge of mutual understanding, scientific and cultural cooperation between Chongqing University and Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies at a “micro -level” and between Italy and China from a “macro” point of view. We highly recommend this book to dig into the differences between our two world, but also to understand what can we truly link us, in a more than ever connected globe.

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