GGII EVENTS - Third Seminar at CEP on "People to People Diplomacy" and Sant'Anna-CQU cooperation

GGII EVENTS – Third Seminar at CEP on “People to People Diplomacy” and Sant’Anna-CQU cooperation

Our last seminar titled “Intercultural Dialogue – People to People Diplomacy between Italy and China”, co-organized with the Confucius Institute of Pisa and the CEPostopertutti ETS Association, was held in Pisa on May 31st at the CEP quarter. The event could count on the renewed and full support from iChongqing, Chongqing University and the School of Economics and Business Administration (SEBA) of CQU.

The main speech was given again by Marco Bonaglia, our “China Expert” and PhD Candidate at Chongqing University. Bonaglia started his speech from the history of Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies relationship with Chongqing University, and its evolution through the years. The steady and fruitful cooperation started in 2004 by these academic powerhouses brought to the foundation of our Institute, in December 2007, and the following year in Pisa of the Confucius Institute. He then moved on to the most recent years, the main results of the cooperation especially under our Director, Professor Alberto Di Minin.

The event, as the previous one, saw the attendance of both Chinese and Italian audience, and was a new opportunity to discover the connection between Pisa and Chongqing, and in particular Sant’Anna and CQU. At the end of the event, there was also a buffet offered by the Confucius Institute, with Chinese food by the restaurant “Anni 80”.

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