GGII MUST WATCH - Geleshan National Forest Park

GGII MUST WATCH – Geleshan National Forest Park

Geleshan National Forest Park is located in Shapingba District, 16 kilometers away from the center of Chongqing. The park is also known as “the first peak of western Chongqing”. Its natural scenery integrates mountains, water, forests, springs, caves, clouds, and fog. It is a beautiful, deep, simple, and open space. Numerous historical attractions and myths and legends endow the infinite aura of Gele Mountain. Ancient and modern literary masters have come here to explore the glorious landscape, to engrave poems, and write many famous sentences. In 2002, Geleshan Forest Park was rated as a national AAAA scenic spot, and in 2003 it was rated as a national forest park.




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