GGII NETWORK - Congratulations Guido Giacconi!

GGII NETWORK – Congratulations Guido Giacconi!

Our Institute wants to express the most vivid congratulations to Mister Guido Giacconi, Professional Affiliate at Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, for being elected as one of the National Vice Presidents of the European Chamber of Commerce in China. Mister Giacconi is a great friend of the Galilei Institute: in the past few years we had the pleasure to work with him both in Pisa and Chongqing and to jointly develop successful projects. His support and experience in China were extremely valuable and appreciated. We are looking forward to uniting forces with him again!

At the same with, we want to celebrate the election of the other National Vice Presidents, and to wish them success in strengthening the role of European companies in China and facing new challenges in Sino European relations. Italy can now count on a high level representation inside the Eu Chamber thanks to the presence of Massimo Bagnasco, Guido Giacconi and Carlo D’Andrea.

Ad maiora!

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