GGII BOOKS - Innovation, intellectual property and regional development in China

GGII BOOKS – Innovation, intellectual property and regional development in China

磨刀不误砍柴工 (mó dāo bú wù kǎn chái gōng) – Making preparations won’t delay the work

Over the past few decades, the world has been witnessing an incredible rise of China as an economic and technological powerhouse. The country is currently in the midst of its transition from being the “factory of the world” to becoming an innovation-driven economy. But how did this transformation originate? What were the drivers that led the Chinese dragon to aspire to world leadership in knowledge and innovation?

This volume written by Antonio Crupi,  Postdoctoral Research Assistant at the Institute of Management of Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, and edited by Edizioni ETS, answers these questions by analyzing the relationship between innovation policies, regional development, intellectual property and technology transfer in the Chinese context. Economic and social planning, the absence of a clear mark between public and private, the enormous investments in science and technology and the significant increase in patents are some of the aspects that have brought China into the Gotha of world innovation.

What is the true model of Made in China innovation and other elements covered in the volume help us understand why the next few years will be crucial in determining and regulating our relations, in terms of innovation and technology transfer, with Chinese partners. Tackling this challenge requires knowledge of the Chinese context, awareness of emerging challenges and adequate intervention tools.

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