On The Streets Of CQ - Life Near Minzhu Lake

On The Streets Of CQ – Life Near Minzhu Lake

Inside Campus A of Chongqing University, where our offices are located, there is a small lake called “Minzhu Lake”. Around this place, older people, families and little kids gather to spend some time surrounded by the beauty of nature.  One of the most interesting aspects of Chongqing Universities is that they are often open to local citizens and visitors. In Chongqing University people live with their own homes on campuses, and carry out numerous activities, both professional and private. Its is possible to see older people train and exercise, or simply enjoy the peaceful environment near the lake.

All the pics in this post were taken by Alessandra Burini, student at Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, during her visit to Chongqing last year.

School of Economics and Business Administration building (the one in light blue behind the red one) of Chongqing University is only five minutes far from Minzhu Lake

Exercise is key to live a better and more satisfactory life, Chongqing people know this well

The mystical beauty of Minzhu Lake

Meditating, resting and enjoying life in Minzhu Lake

Walking to Minzhu Lake

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