Workshop about Italian cuisine

Workshop about Italian cuisine

On November 8th it was inaugurated the series of Italian cultural events that will consist in workshops, seminars and film club in collaboration with the School of Real Estate of Chongqing. The topics of the events will cover Italian architectural design, fashion, art, culinary culture, sport etc.

webwxgetmsgimg-1ireneThe first event, a workshop about Italian cuisine, took place at the School of Real Estate in Daxuecheng and it was held by Irene Calabrese, Italian teacher at Galileo Galilei.

Irene introduced the Italian food’s culture from its origins, the factors that had influenced it and made so famous for its simplicity and the quality of ingredients. Then she passed through the regional cuisines and the differences between Italy and China.

webwxgetmsgimg nicolaThe workshop ended with a cooking show, held by Nicola Sangiovanni, Pizza Chef at the Italian bistrò “Pizza Firenze” in Chongqing, who gave a live demonstration on how to make an Italian pizza. The students who attended the event had the possibility to try to make pizza and enjoy its authentic taste.

provepizza-tasteDuring the event, Francesco Silvestri, Acting Director of GGII, specifically mentioned that this cooperation comes in a special period of Italy-China relations. Institutional talks between our two governments are at the highest level since decades, our Premier and two governments are at the highest level since decades, our premier and several Ministries have visited China in the last two years and many other will soon follow.

meetingchenxinyeTaking part to the event were Mr. Wang Jing, Vice Dean of the School of Real Estate, Vice President Li Guo and Director of Foreign Cooperation Department. The Vice President Chen Xinye also gave a speech in which he expressed his desire to actively promote cultural and educational exchanges, especially in the field of architecture.

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