Chongqing stories


In the academic year 2016/2017 we launched a new column called “Chongqing Stories” that enriched our Missiva Galileiana.
Besides our traditional articles on contemporary China and the calendar of Sino-Italian events, we now offer a new section that will tell us, through the voice of expatriates and local people, their experiences in living in this beautiful city. Chongqing is a city growing and expanding both at domestic and international scene, acquiring a significant position, which is why we decided to dedicate a part of our newsletter to its inhabitants.

1st edition: Interview to Sharon Fraser, GM of Intercontinental Chongqing – How the city has changed and how the Italian community has influenced

2nd edition: an article by Davide Liverani, student of Economics of SSSA – “Ten Italian students discovering China”

3rd edition:  interview with Aldo Buscio, Italian architect who has been working in China for several years – Skyscrapers and dreams: Story of an Italian architect in China

4th edition: interview with the Chef of Alessi Restaurant –  Authentic Italian food for Chongqing’s fast development: the story of the Italian Chef Alessandro Alessi

5th edition: interview with Paolo Bazzoni, Director of the Italy-China Chamber of Commerce in Chongqing – The lively Sino-Italian business community in Chongqing and the experience of Paolo Bazzoni”

6th edition: interview with David Svetoslav Spasov, General Manager of Chongqing COKC Business Co. – Chinese like Bulgarian wine: David’s 13 years in Chongqing

7th edition: visit to Ciqikou – “One day in Ciqikou: the history of the ancient town and its people”

8th edition: interview with Sergio Maffettone, Consul General of Italy in Chongqing – “Goodbye Mr. Consul General”

9th edition: an article by Benaglia Marialucia, Gottardo Giulio, Mancini Riccardo, Pallaoro Emanuele, Patti Aurora, Ughi Antonio, Vetrano Pamela, Zari Pier Francesco, students of Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies – Sant’Anna students discover the Middle Kingdom 

10th edition: interview with “Bang Bang” –  The “Army of Bang-Bang”

11th edition (Part 1): interview with Chen YiZhong,  Executive Vice-General Manager of TESTBED2 贰厂 – A cultural and creative park in Chongqing: TESTBED2 贰厂

11th edition (Part 2): interview with Janet Tan, owner of Mama J’s Bistro – A cultural and creative park in Chongqing: TESTBED2 贰厂

11th edition (Part 3): interview with Ben, owner of Riverside Craft Brewery – A cultural and creative park in Chongqing: TESTBED2 贰厂

12th edition: special edition “24 Hour Project”

13th edition: visit to “Hongyadong: The newly rising web-star”

14th edition: Interview with Gianluca Luisi, General Manager of DeZhuang International and ChinItaly – “A successful story of an Italian entrepreneur in South West China”

15th edition: Let’s discover the bridge of Chongqing – Chongqing – The “Bridge Capital of China”

16th edition: Let’s discover Danzishi –  “The past and present of Danzishi Old Street”

16th edition (2nd part): Let’s discover Danzishi – “The past and present of Danzishi Old Street – 2nd part”

17th edition: Chongqing vs Chengdu – “Chongqing-vs-Chengdu-part-1 “

18th edition: Chongqing vs Chengdu – “Chongqing-vs-Chengdu-part-2”

19th edition: A trip to China – “A-trip-to-China”

20th edition: Liziba–not just a subway station – “Liziba-not-just-a-subway-station”